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The World’s First Temple in the Metaverse

Seek and you will be found. Your journey has begun. Enlightenment awaits.

Join the Order 1111 and Discover Truth, Power and Wisdom.

How to be Initiated?

 We are a members-only Order with a limited 1111 NFT collection.

Your NFT token doubles as your exclusive membership to the Order 1111, the Temple 1111 in the Metaverse and grants access to members-only benefits, networks and knowledge.

Bring your exclusive NFT for admission into the Temple 1111.

Future perks are unlocked by the members and are secrets only to members.

NFTs are unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.


Buy an Order 1111


To get your Order 1111 Membership, check out the collection on OpenSea.

Your Prestige in the Order 1111

Limited Releases

The Order 1111 Membership NFTs are limited to 1111 in quantity.


You shall have the ownership and commercial usage rights over your NFT / Membership.

Lifetime Benefits

Enjoy new and exciting members-only benefits throughout the roadmap of our launch.

Temple 1111: Power & Prestige.

Discover truth, power, wisdom and prestige from your exclusive  membership.

How are we Created?

Each Order 1111 Membership Pass is unique and personally curated by our spiritual guides. All Membership Passes are special, but some are rarer than others.

The Membership Passes are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

To access members-only areas after this is activated on our Roadmap, you will have to show proof of your Membership Pass.

Order 1111 Membership Passes

Rare Collectibles

Founding Temple 1111 Passes

Our Roadmap

Phase 1: Launch

Launch the 1111 Order 1111 Membership Passes

Phase 2: Access – 30% Passes Issued

Access to an exclusive community of private members, online networks, events and chatrooms with our Order 1111 Initiates.

Phase 3: Temple 1111 – 50% Passes Issued

We shall commence building the Temple 1111, a Temple in the Metaverse. The officers and members such as Apostles, Initiates, Neophites, Grandmaster of the Temple 1111 shall be appointed from the Pass holders. There will be various interactive virtual meetups, events and libraries in the Temple 1111.

Phase 4: The Movement 1111 – 80% Passes Issued

We will begin expanding our Order 1111 into the physical world, with physical groups and events all around the world.